Leading item then list

The leading then list layout is ideal for creating mini blog layouts where you want to show the availability of a lot of items but also add some visual interest via one of the articles images.

The leading then list layout is a single column layout that can show all layout tags available to your content source for the first item and then display the titles of other items beneath it.

Leading then list


Leading Item with boxed layout

The example below highlights the boxed theme applied to the leading then list layout.


Bullets layout

The example below displays the list then leading layout using the bullets option.

Leading then bullets


Lines layout

The example below displays the image, title and introtext of the first item and then the titles of the rest of the items separated by a 1px border.

Leading then lines


Settings and Options


The theme applied to the module. Options: none, bullets, lines, boxed lines.


Display more items text

When enabled a heading is added below the first item and between the list of items.


Text for more items heading

The text used for the more items text.


Title style

The style appled to the title of the leading item. Options include:

Overlay - where the title is placed in an overlay above the leading item image. Requires an image to be displayed in the layout tool.

Boxed - where the title and other items are placed in a box below the leading item image.


List item class

This is the class applied to the title of items that appear in the list below the leading items. eg h2, h3, p etc.