Caption Effects

Zentools2 caption layouts display your content's images in a responsive grid and overlay the title and other elements when the user hovers over the image.

The caption style comes with 7 different effects as well as all of the settings available for the grid layout.


An example of the caption layout with margins removed.


Options and settings for the caption layout

Maximum number of columns.

This option determines the number of columns to group each category of items in. Columns within each group are defined in the layout tool.


Select a style

Determines the style of animation that occurs when the user hovers over the image.

Options: caption-style-1,caption-style-2,caption-style-3,caption-style-4,caption-style-5,caption-style-6,caption-style-7


Remove margin between items

Removes the gutter between each item so that the columns sit next to eachother.


Hide items until images have loaded

Acts as a preloader that hides the content of the moduel until all of the images in that module have loaded


Display loading animation

Option to display a loading animation while the images are loaded in the background.


Loading Message

The text used to display while the images are loading. Leave blank to avoid showing any message.